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Ищу Женщина Адайр lhotse

Our fair , handsome & athletic son is an IITian.He has done MSEE from USA & is a hard core high tech. IT professional. He is cosiderate & caring; cheerful & fun loving. He is highly principled & is guided by mature value system & consideration for others. He is hard working & ambitious, But, does...

lhotse, 45 лет, Адайр

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Ищу Женщина Окленд PRINCE30

I’m a nice,understanding n broadminded single male from New Delhi,India but I’m ready to relocate to any foreign country for my soulmate. I’m lookin’ for a nice,understanding n broadminded girl from anywhere in the world. Caste/Religion no bar. Foreigners are also welcome.

PRINCE30, 46 лет, Окленд

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Ищу Женщина Антон dineshwarp

I was born and brought up India in a very cultured and a simple family. My father has retired from civil services with Govt. of India. I am working with one of the Top MNC bank at a Middle Management position, but based in Dubai. My Job require lots of travelling particularly to United Kingdom and...

dineshwarp, 50 лет, Антон

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Ищу Женщина Доран IMSparticus2

Я мужчина, 59 лет, Ищу женщину Возраст от 30 до 50

IMSparticus2, 59 лет, Доран

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Ищу Женщина Хувен rizahmeduk

i am a nice person.

rizahmeduk, 41 год, Хувен

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Ищу Женщина Вассар wescorpion

I am a pretty decent guy I guess. I'd like to think I'm humorous or at least slightly entertaining. Most of the profile test thingies I've taken describe me as an obeserver, so I think that means I listen well too. I live in H-town and like stuff like soccer, basketball, computers, etc. Family is a...

wescorpion, 37 лет, Вассар

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Ищу Женщина Самралл amar1

I am a bachelor,graduate in commerce and law, 5ft 11inch(180 cm), fair, good looking, strong character, having no brother or sister, non-smoker, non- drinker& pure vegetarian. willing to settle anywhere in the world, having shoe business in Agra (India) & living in a joint family. I have no egos.i...

amar1, 40 лет, Самралл

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Ищу Женщина Уэстборо dynamicperson

i am male 23, from india, hyderabad. presently working in saudi arabia. i have completed my studies here in Riyadh and now doing a job here. my parents are also here. To have a place in someones heart is to be never alone... that why i am in search.....

dynamicperson, 37 лет, Уэстборо

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Ищу Женщина Белграде shahzadchand1

hello my name is chand i am from daska my cuntery name pakistan i am sutdent computer softwear and hardware . Keep it Simple, that is how I try to live my life. I enjoy many different activites such as hicking, skiing, I would like to back pack in Europe I am fluent in french so I would be the...

shahzadchand1, 33 года, Белграде

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Ищу Женщина Сьюард abed0

i am from a medium class family where we have a very strong family relations. i am a cool man and i always trie to understand the others. i am very sociable and very serious for my relations. i am not condidate to immigrate anywhere.i like my family friends and work. the most important thing for me...

abed0, 45 лет, Сьюард

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